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 Inaugural Address 

The most soul stirring- once in a lifetime opportunity to meet India’s one of most eminent scientists, the missile man himself, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.


We had excellent exhibitions from renowned institutions such as the DRDO. Participants were able to learn much from their exhibits and experience. We even had a superbike expo!

 Construction & Design 

These events are engineered to test your designing & planning skills and your ability to utilise the resources available to you in the best possible way. Under this category fall Crepido, Devise, Pascal Trouble, Paradeigma and Turbo Flux.

 School Events 

More than 15,000 school-going children from every corner of India competed in a battle of wits for glory. Keep your eyes peeled for Dexter. Other events like Junior Scientist bring out the hidden Einstein in school kids as they assemble machines using nothing but their ingenuity and creativity.

 Management & Other Events 

Not up for the technical wizardry of AXIS? Fret not, for there is a whole other side to it! Be it 221B Baker Street, Freak-O-Matix, Gamesutra, Wall Street, Informals, Who's The Boss; these events are filled with fun, enjoyment and entertainment. But do remember to bring your brains, you just might need them.

 Automation & Robotics 

Who doesn't love robots? If you do, then you're at the right place. Events like Robowars, Aqua Hunt, Contraption, Autobot, Mechatryst, Robotrekker and Techno.docx are the primary crowd-pullers and are certainly some of the most exciting events of AXIS. If you don't love robots, be prepared to change your mind.

 Software & Electronics 

Tangle with the veins of today's world; create complex circuits and intricate code in events such as Insomnia, Cryprocrux and Techverve.


Core Coordinators

Akhil Reddy - akhil.reddy@axisvnit.org

Ashwin Padmanabhan - ashwin.padmanabhan@axisvnit.org

Chaitanya Khanorkar - chaitanya.khanorkar@axisvnit.org

Guruvesh Jhala - guruvesh.jhala@axisvnit.org

Jigar Buddhadeo - jigar.buddhadeo@axisvnit.org

Pranay Chandak - pranay.chandak@axisvnit.org

Siddhi Wath - siddhi.wath@axisvnit.org

Publicity In-Charge

Aishwarya Rajguru - aishwarya.rajguru@axisvnit.org

Himanshu Kumar - himanshu.kumar@axisvnit.org

Mahima Rana - mahima.rana@axisvnit.org

Nitin Singh - nitin.singh@axisvnit.org

Praful Patle - praful.patle@axisvnit.org


Ameya Choudhary - ameya.choudhary@axisvnit.org

Website Team

Abhijeet Krishnan - abhijeet.krishnan@axisvnit.org

Nishant Kumar - nishant.kumar@axisvnit.org

Graphics Team

Mandar Pathak - mandar.pathak@axisvnit.org